Objects That Talk! 

Multiple 22 " 17" single sheet publication, RISO printed on newsprint

Objects that Talk! is my current fourth year thesis project. It is a print publication that is dedicated towards re-examining the souvenirs in our lives. How do everyday objects, practices, foods, and rituals become anchors for cultural histories — both personal and shared amongst a collective group of individuals?

By sourcing stories from the community, Objects That Talk! is a print publication that showcases how everyday diasporic objects can be reclaimed in a way to shape alternative ideas of cultural history and authenticity. With each newspaper taking on the form of an individual's story, audience members are invited to read and collect the stories to take home.

*This project is currently in-progress, but scroll to the bottom to read the first batch of stories!

Stories sourced from multiple people in the community. Many thanks to Alex Bloom, Carol Yin, Byron Camacho, Selena Ho, and Pablo Salvatierra

Creative Direction


Print Design

Copy Editing

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