The Hunger Artist E-pub

The Hunger Artist is a short story by Franz Kafka. For this project, I had to turn this short story into an e-publication with only type. No images, no illustrations, no photos, just type + typographic elements. This was a challenge, because this meant that I had to convey the themes and feelings the story gave off, but only through typography–whilst making sure that the type was for the most part, still legible. 

Pictured below are some pages from the final e-publication. I took advantage of the fact that this was a type heavy project and made multiple display pages featuring some of the quotes and phrases that stood out to me. If you'd like to read the full e-publication I designed, click HERE. 

Typefaces used are: Mad Sans, Mad Serif, Quadrat, and Zebrawood

Text taken from The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka


– layout design

– interactivity

– web design