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Help Wanted 

 8" x 10" print publication with stickers sheets (edition of 40), RISO printed with Fluo. Orange and Black, file folders, metal prong fasteners

Help Wanted is a publication designed in collaboration with Christine Fwu. 

In essence, Help Wanted is a collection of stories by and for anyone who has ever had the unfortunate luck of having done a customer service job - whether by necessity or desire. As students, Christine and I recognized the struggle of having to undergo the treatment of dealing with customers all in the sake of measly earnings to fund our education. 

For this project, Christine and I collaborated on many layout decisions, with me doing all the illustrations by hand and digitizing them in Photoshop. The final publications were all RISO printed with two colours and finished by hand. Each publication also came with 2 sets of handmade sticker that were also RISO printed. If you're interested in reading more about my process, you can view/ download my process book HERE. 


 Created in collaboration with Christine Fwu, Typographic Posters done by Christine Fwu

– layout design

– publication design

– illustration

– creative direction

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