Monograph: Carson Ellis


Monograph: Carson Ellis is a publication I made* surrounding the work of Portland based illustrator/ artist Carson Ellis as a practice in print design, layout, and typography. For this project, I chose to use Apercu as the typeface for the body text and East Sea Dokodo as the typeface for the header texts. Ellis' work is often very whimsical, friendly, and done using analog methods; I wanted to pick typefaces that would emulate the playfulness and warmness of her work that I so admire. Apercu is a modern day sans-serif that I found to be very welcoming and also readable as a body typeface, and East Sea Dokodo's handwritten quality echoes the "done-by-hand", analog methods that Ellis' uses to create all her illustrations.

Typefaces used: Apercu, East Sea Dokodo

*All images and writing found in the publication are not mine.